Classic. Contemporary. Undeniably Creative.

Interior Designer Stacy Levine walks into a space and immediately transforms it in her mind’s eye. Walls disappear, kitchens move across the house, ceilings turn into art galleries, vibrant leather wallpaper replaces outdated painted hues. But first, she asks her prospective client the right questions about what they envision for their residential or commercial project, paying close attention to their answers, needs, wants and expectations.

Levine knows that each space must be a harmonious balance of form, function and aesthetics. With over 30 years in the design business, an innate artistic flair and architectural background, she offers the best of all worlds as she reimagines the ordinary utilizing the latest state-of-the-art products, unusual treatments, exquisite fabrics, textiles and accessories. She turns livable spaces into showplaces, from subtle to outrageous, with classic, contemporary designs that endure, like a fine Chanel suit.

From her New York roots to decades spent in her own Florida design showroom, she has amassed a curated arsenal of resources, promising a unique WOW factor for every project, every time.

“You hire me because you will get something different than anything else you have seen when I design your space. I may provide my services for ten homes in a high-end gated community and not one will resemble the other. They do not scream Stacy Levine Designs, rather they convey the owner's individuality and tastes, garnering rave reviews. And that is why I take such pleasure and pride in what I do.”

Stacy Levine

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